Ziru Chen

Ron | 陈子如 | チン シジョ
The Ohio State University
C.V.      chen.8336@osu.edu
ronch99      @RonZiruChen

I am a Ph.D. student at OSU SunLab advised by Prof. Huan Sun. My research interests are Natural Language Processing and Conversational AI, which also closely relate to Machine Learning and Human-Computer Interaction. Currently, I am working on Semantic Parsing and Task-oriented Dialogue System.

I research under the (strong) assumption "a Universal Turing Machine can simulate all cognitive activities" so that I may study human thoughts as algorithms and build computational models. I also value interdisciplinary insights from Linguistics, Psychology, Cognitive Science, etc. Besides, I am interested in natural languages themselves and philosophy. So far, I can speak Chinese, English, Japanese (JLPT N2), and some elementary Korean. In the future, I would love to have a taste of more European languages, such as Latin, since my favorite quote is in this language:
    “Cogito, ergo sum.” – René Descartes (Or, in English, “I think. Therefore, I am.”)


  • 06/2022: Won the 3rd place in Alexa Prize TaskBot Challege as a student co-lead! Check out our report.
  • 04/2022: Excited to receive the Undergraduate Research Award from OSU CSE Department!
  • 02/2022: Thrilled to receive the University Fellowship as an incoming Ph.D. student!
  • 05/2021 - 07/2021: Had some fun time at Deep Learning Lab, Westlake University as a Research Intern.
  • 04/2021: Excited to receive the CIS Undrgrad Scholarship from OSU CSE Department!

Honors and Awards

  • University Fellowship, The Ohio State University, 2022 - 2024
  • 3rd Place, 1st Alexa Prize Taskbot Challenge, Amazon, 2022
  • Undergraduate Research Award, The Ohio State University, 2022
  • CIS Undergrad Scholarship, The Ohio State University, 2021 - 2022



Interesting TMI

* TMI is a Korean short-hand of "Too Much Information," which roughly refers to fun facts that could have not been shared ;)
I was born on Thanksgiving that year.
My first name in Japanese sounds like "to wash feet" in Chinese.